Bandit Towing – The Crime of Towing Fraud

Crime is anywhere and all around us. Not all crime is calls for using stun guns or pepper spray to thwart a potential assault or robbery. Some crimes are perpetrated through white collar or blue collar individuals who take gain of others after they least expect it.

Unscrupulous tow truck drivers are towing away more than illegally parked motors in towing scams.

Tow truck drivers are like cabbies. They are hardworking people out to make an sincere dollar. They might be there on every occasion you need them. They come to get rid of your car every time your automobile breaks down. Outside of this priceless provider, tow truck drivers also clear the town streets and private parking plenty of illegally parked motors. Parking is a large call for for clients who patronize businesses. No doubt, enterprise owners will want available spaces into which their clients can park. However, illegal parking can positioned a dent into a enterprise proprietor’s pocketbook if there is no area to park.

As you could it appears that evidently see, towing is a legitimate commercial enterprise that services the desires of the purchaser. So what’s all this talk about a towing rip-off called “bandit towing?”

“Bandit” tow truck drivers are black hat operators who make it a practice to monitor privately owned parking masses with the intention to tow away vehicles whose owners aren’t patronizing corporations associated with that lot. In many times, the bandit tow truck motive force ignores the fact that the car’s proprietor does patronize a commercial enterprise related to the lot before going to some other business.

If you’ve got ever been a victim of the crime of “bandit” towing, preserve these facts in mind: The tow truck driving force does now not have a legal lien for your automobile until it’s far in transit on a public motorway.

• If your vehicle is already mounted on a tow truck but remains inside the parking lot, the crooked tow truck operator ask you for 1/2 of what an reliable police impound lot could rate for towing.

• If you refuse or do no longer have the way to pay the asked amount, the issue becomes a civil be counted, and the tow truck operator have to launch your car.

• If the crooked tow truck operator leaves the parking zone together with your automobile because you couldn’t pay the requested amount, then the tow truck operator is in violation of the law. He is taking a automobile with out the owner’s consent. Check the laws in your state because the ones laws may additionally protect you from unscrupulous tow truck drivers.

Here are a few traditional towing schemes:

1. In some schemes, car repair or car preservation stores are ripped off by way of con artists posing as tow truck operators. They name the stores telling them that they may be bringing in a automobile for upkeep or services. The con artist performs the desired office work then hands the auto restore proprietor or employee the keys. The business they pays the con artist the towing rate thinking they will be re-imbursed the cash. Only there’s no car being towed and the keys are just random keys.

2. In many places, there are legal guidelines against tow truck drivers who pressure round looking for parking violations so that it will tow automobiles away. The towing company circumvents this impediment via having any person else do the looking. Some of the time, the identical individual who owns the towing organization owns the business actively searching for cars to tow. This is flawlessly felony in lots of places agree with it or not. To make things worse, these crooked towing companies goal low-earnings housing and condo complexes.