8 Healthy Okra Recipes


Add another 1 to 2 tablespoons oil. When the oil turns hot, add half teaspoon cumin seeds. Bhindi don’t get cooked completely after sauteing but the sticky substance will be gone.

You can serve the dish with crusty bread since Okra is very tender. The high levels of Folate or Vitamin B9 in Okra help in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Okra consists of Vitamin B9 in a very large amount which is extremely beneficial for reducing the risks of various birth defects in a baby. Vitamin B9 or Folate in Okra also helps in the synthesis of DNA and red blood cells. Vitamin C content in Okra promotes the absorption of iron which is very helpful for the growth of a baby. The immune system of the mother is boosted by eating Okra due to the presence of vitamin C.

Keep in low to medium heat but turn the mix over very gently without breaking the okra, ONLY when required. Sambar is one quintessential curry that is made with a combination of vegetables like pumpkin, okra, french beans, onion, tomatoes and drumsticks etc. Besides being super delicious, this recipe is also very healthy. It can be paired with many recipes such …

I love to munch them, plain, as a snack. Serve with dipping sauce of your choice. As a good Southern gardener, I find myself bringing in okra by the armload nearly every other day. Stewed Are 500mg CBD Gummies suitable for beginners? okra is great, but for a little variety, we like to roast ours from time to time. This is so simple and easy and the okra tends to not be nearly as gummy or slimy when roasted.

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Add onions, green pepper, parsley and garlic. “okra may be used in place of the filé, but it is cooked with the gumbo. Cheryl Malik is the recipe developer, writer, and photographer behind the healthy, flavorful, family friendly recipes at 40 Aprons. She’s been a blogger for 10+ years and is known for her delicious recipes and detailed recipe instructions. Cheryl is a mom of three who lives in Memphis, TN. Stir in okra, broth, tomatoes and sugar; bring to a boil.

Made With Okra, Beans & Lentils

I didn’t make it because, in my opinion, it’s much healthier to thicken a Gumbo with lentils and okra. Lentils add fiber, plant-based protein, and texture, that’s why I love using them in so many recipes. Looking for more Gulf-inspired flavor? How about a nice, steamy bowl of gumbo? Gumbo is very similar to jambalaya, but it’s prepared as a soup enriched with a roux.

Thyme, hot sauce and black pepper lend flavor to this perfect weeknight dinner option. This bean and okra recipe is a classic Southern side dish perfect for potlucks. Adding the okra toward the end of cooking guarantees a tender–not mushy–texture. Pour in the vinegar evenly over the okra. This step is important as it will break down any forming okra slime instantly.

Okra and acorn squash are both thought of as vegetables, but since they contain seeds they are technically types of fruit. If you’re following a keto diet or another low-carb diet, it’s helpful to know that okra, acorn squash and asparagus are all acceptable choices. That mucilage or “slime” inside of the pods consists of exopolysacharrides and glycoproteins.

Otherwise it will not become crispy but slimy. Besides okra, we use garlic powder, salt, fresh thyme and chili powder to make a spice mix in this recipe. Use garlic powder instead of garlic because it may negatively affect the crispiness we want to have. Plus, garlic powder is more aromatic. How easy it is to cook okra you won’t believe until you see this recipe. So far this is how we made the tastiest and easiest recipe on the internet.

Use spring or distilled water instead. I am on well water so I don’t have to worry about chlorine or fluoride but I do worry about runoff water so I have a Berkey Filter. The Berkey water filter systems are actually water purifiers because they remove bacteria and viruses also that conventional filters can not. Not to mention heavy metals, pharmaceuticals etc… Read more about it here.

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Commonly used in soups and stews, okra is found in many dishes from the American South, like gumbo, and can be added to your diet in a variety of ways. Everyone loves great chicken dishes and these recipes are no exception. 1 cup of sliced cooked okra has 36 calories, 7g carbohydrates, 4g sugar , 3g protein, 4g fiber, 10mg sodium and 216mg potassium.

This versatile vegetable features edible pods, which can be used in recipes like Okra & Red Pepper Cornbread and One-Pan Spicy Okra & Shrimp. Read on to learn more about okra—plus, learn how to cook fresh okra. Besides the okra, it’s made with fish and egusi . The layers of smokey seafood, nutty seeds, and vegetal okra sing in perfectly-balanced harmony when stirred together. She recommends serving the soup with corn fufu or pounded yams. Okra and onions are fried with bacon, then simmered with tomato and corn in this delicious side dish that is especially good served alongside cornbread.

Many of the smaller pieces of okra were heavily charred, however. I think I need to adjust the cooking time in my oven. I used frozen sliced okra at 425 degrees for 40 minutes. I really liked the taste of the okra.

But I eat like four little bits and my, they come to live in my mouth, filling my mouth with that incredible mucilage and sweetness of taste.. Please do try this, it will help spices up lifes in all its angles. My family loves okra, as long as its not slimy.

It is difficult to manually separate okra seeds from the pod and then make a powder. A more pragmatic approach is to buy readily available dried okra seed powder. It is generally advised not to have more than 5 gm of this powder in a day. Check the dosage with your health practitioner, especially if you are on diabetic medications.

I love it fried but also cooked with tomatoes. I was so happy to find a way to add fried okra to my THM menu! Melt butter or coconut oil in skillet over medium heat.

Our end result is a vibrant, cayenne-kissed dish that allows all of the ingredients to shine. Now we wouldn’t dare call this the best recipe you’ve ever tasted—we know that’s the one you grew up enjoying. That said, this is the finest pot of gumbo our Test Kitchen has ever turned out, and that’s saying a lot. Add in the okra, turmeric, coriander and salt. Cook on for additional 10 minutes adding some water if necessary.

Steps To Make Healthy Okra & Carrot Fried Chicken Tender Cutlets:

Set a heavy pot over high heat and add the andouille. Cook for several minutes, until the andouille begins to brown and crisp on the outside edges. Add the onion, pepper, celery, and garlic.

I didn’t add the corn starch because I wanted to enjoy the sauce on the rice. Garnish with fresh herbs and enjoy! Can be served with rice, potatoes or bread. Finally, add the soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and the cooked beans.

Okra And Rice Casserole

This one-stop meal will have your family begging for more. I almost always serve my creoles over a bed of white rice. Basmati happens to be my favorite because it doesn’t fall apart if I accidentally overcook it. The smokey taste and beautiful red color are hard to beat. Bake for minutes, turning the okra halfway through baking.

You can google for a recipe as they are in abundance on the internet. When the onions are cooked, add the minced garlic to the pan and saute for another minute till fragrant. It will feel like a lot of okra at first and the pan will be crowded, but it will quickly shrink up and soften as it cooks.

Add the crushed tomatoes and water. Bring to a boil, then turn the heat to low and cover most of the way . Let the okra simmer on low heat for 20 to 25 minutes or until the okra has softened.

I stab about pods on a skewer for easy flipping the same way I do asparagus. I also like to sauté it with onions an garlic for a frittata or a quiche too. I moved from Texas to Cali about 21 years ago and you can’t find fresh okra here very easily. Find healthy, delicious okra recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

Depending on the size of your air fryer, you may have to cook in two batches. Shake the bucket and continue to cook until crisp and warmed through, approximately 5 more minutes. Add the okra to the basket or crisper plate of the air fryer in a single layer. Shake the bucket and continue to cook until crisp and slightly browned, approximately 5 more minutes. The recipes described here are for no coating frozen okra and coated frozen okra with a buttermilk dipping sauce.

Spray some oil on the okra pieces that have been spread out. Okra is one of those wonder vegetables – low in calories, high in vitamin A and flavonoid anti-oxidants. So, spice it up with this Dishoom crispy fries recipe.

Plus we leave the okra whole and do not pierce the pod in any way so that it won’t get slimy. However, we don’t need to be that careful when roasting okra because it hardly ever gets slimy in oven. Okra does not have many fans because of its slimy texture it leaves in the mouth. However, oven roasting saves its bad rep and makes it a flavorful crispy snack. I came across fresh okra …first of the season….in one of our local food stores. I was so excited as been years since I have seen okra looking so good.

We now have research to back the folklore – which happened to be right. The following are benefits of okra, most of which would probably have never occurred to us. The fact that it even has that many names suggests its global popularity and widespread cultivation. The tender, young, seed-containing pod of the okra plant is eaten as a vegetable in salads, broths, stews, and stir-fries. This is a direct result of overcrowding. Make sure the okra is positioned in one, single layer with some space in between, whether in the air fryer or on baking sheets for the oven.

As a wife and mom of six, she turned to research and took health into her own hands to find answers to her health problems. Katie is also the author of the bestselling books The Wellness Mama Cookbook and The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox. Cut the tops off okra and leave whole or cut into chunks. Remove any sinews from the tenders, wrap, and use a wooden spoon to pound, thinning them out. Lightly season with shio-koji and pepper..

This braised okra with tomatoes dish includes a flavorful blend of spices. Even though the okra is cooked in liquid, the acid in the tomatoes breaks up its gelatinous tendencies. It’s a great side dish, especially when served with grilled sausage.

Put a plate underneath the jar just in case they overflow during the fermentation process & burp jars every day after the 1st day or two. You will know when it starts bubbling. This is a very nutritious modified classic gumbo that omits the usual carbs from roux and fats from bacon. It has no seafood and keeps or freezes well.

I’m a certified plant-based cook and enthusiastic omnivore who loves looking for creative ways to make weeknight meals more nutritious. I’m the author of Heathy Eating One Pot Cookbook and Healthy Meal Prep Slow Cooker Cookbook. Remove from heat and serve over rice or with warm pita bread. Like to serve bamya over a bed of Lebanese rice or with warm pita bread for a complete vegan meal. Have you ever tried backing them whole? Why did I never think to roast okra?

You will find lots of healthy recipes on CDH. You’ve gotta give it time, the right ingredients, and some real, real love. Hi Sally, I am also a fan of okra’s “slime”, but as far as I know, cooking it doesn’t make it disappear.

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Hand tossed and baked for 20 minutes on a cookie sheet that I lined with foil and sprayed with Pam. I love the taste of deep-fried okra. Sometimes though, I want to limit my carbs, so I make okra “fries”. They give me the flavor of fried okra, but with far fewer calories, and much less fat. Okra “fries” are a tasty snack and they can be an interesting veggie side for dinner.

As with other colorful vegetables, it’s also high in antioxidants. We added some lean pork loin but you could just stir-fry it by itself like in this photo. The principal use of okra is in soups like gumbos and various culinary preparations in which meats form an important factor.

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This is unfortunate, because a can of locally grown organic okra in December is … Whether it’s derived flavours or what are cbd gummies used for the actual fruit, the undisputed king of fruits stars in these recipes. Trim the ends and then cut into pieces.

Drizzle okra with 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on top. This Baked Okra recipe, keeps Okra nice and firm, without letting it release that gluey thing (Yeap, last time I’m mentioning this). The trick to skip this is When do delta 8 gummies kick in? to add some vinegar and let okra sit with it for at least 30 minutes. No need to rinse it off afterward just proceed with the cooking. Like a number of natural ingredients, scientists are turning a keen eye to this time-tested home remedy.

A review that included 12,000 healthy adult women found that most consumed just 245 mcg of folate per day, on average . Another test-tube study in metastatic mouse melanoma cells discovered that okra extract caused cancer cell death . One 8-week study randomly divided mice into 3 groups and fed them a high-fat diet containing 1% or 2% okra powder or a high-fat diet without okra powder. Blending prime summer produce, this salsa is great over grilled chicken or pork or with baked tortilla chips. This recipe doubles easily for a crowd.

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How to Cook Okra – vegan okra stew – cook with me -… The sauce is made of sauté tofu, garlic, chile, soy sauce, and vegan oyster sauce. Then, finish it off with a thin cornstarch slurry. Before we go into the steps, let’s check on where you can find fresh okra. I get mine from nearby Asian grocery stores such as HMart, Ranch99, or India Bazaar.

Sprinkle with the salt, chaat masala, and remaining chilli – and serve right away. A delicious meat-free snack with a spicy Indian kick. Many thanks for the beautifully done site! I plan to revisit and try other recipes; I will leave my thoughts if you enjoy getting the feedback.”

My grandma would take care of us during the weekdays, and our parents would be back in the city on the weekend. It’s one of those things you always think of when you remember your grandparents for me. Dahi Bhindi /Tangy Indian Okra in Yogurt is one of the best and healthy vegetarian meals.

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Even die-hard okra haters will be completely won over by these thin, crunchy, can’t-eat-just-one shoestring fries. This centuries-old pairing is a remarkable union of late-summer flavors that come from peak-season produce. Golden creamy saffron-infused vegetarian risotto with chickpeas for complete protein. A hearty and filling meatless entree.

Change up the seasonings or try the oven-fried option if you like. Not only does this recipe create a tasty okra dish, but it also includes essential tips for cooking okra. The curried okra is stir-fried with onion and tomato and seasoned with cayenne, curry powder, and turmeric. It’s ready in about 20 minutes and is fantastic over rice. A favorite Japanese recipe, this chilled okra salad is a delicious option for hot days.

I made this tonight for Christmas Eve dinner. I think the prep time is underestimated, by a lot. I will definitely keep this recipe as one of my favorites.

My personal favorite is the braised okra served with polenta, which is also extraordinary over pasta or rice. Toss the cooked okra in it before serving. I’ve been writing healthy, family-friendly recipes at 40 Aprons for over 10 years.

Place the baking sheet in a 400 F oven for 30 minutes, turning the okra … All we need is okra, olive oil and some spices. When buying okra for a stew or soup recipe, get the small, baby okra pods as they are fresh and have better taste.

It has lemon and turmeric, and is further spiced up with Creole seasoning, or a combination of paprika, garlic powder, cayenne, oregano, thyme, and more. Okra retains a delightful tender-crisp texture when cooked in a packet. Here, it teams up with shrimp, tomatoes and Cajun seasoning for a satisfying meal with a taste of New Orleans. Serve with grilled whole-grain bread or polenta. This simple stew highlights two summer stars—tomatoes and okra—in a simple stew. Okra does especially well in a hot growing season.

Here you’ll find recipes collected from my Lebanese Mama , some regional classics and some secret family recipes. It has been part of the Mediterranean diet for centuries and this is one of the best ways to prepare vegetables in. Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies By Kelsey Butler | Nostalgia is a factor not to be discounted when it comes to food, and these five holiday staples sometimes… Grill the okra with the grill lid closed at high ( °F), 2 to 3 minutes on each side or until tender.

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